Finding a niche

We want to help people to "find their niche" - meaning a place, situation and set of circumstances which allows them to "flourish". We invite people to put their heads together - and figure out how to find or create those niches.

In doing so, we gently encourage people to focus - primarily - on what is intrinsically valuable - rather than the 'bringing in of money'. We want to provide people with the opportunity - the time and the freedom - to do this.

Supporting each other

We welcome freedom-loving and freedom-respecting people who also have a willingness and desire to help and support each other. We have a willingness to make ourselves available to each other, to look out for each other, to be each other's "first port of call" whenever we need something.

Traditionally people meet the majority of their needs via either commerce or the state. We want to try something different. Rather than seeking what they need in the usual places - the market, the state, the family - we invite people instead to approach us - and we do whatever we can to help them.


Simultaneously, we can be building the network and infrastructure necessary to meet these needs.

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